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No Hassle Service Plans

Service Plans for Printer, Fax and Copier Repair

Our Preventative Maintenance Program

Get Service Today!

This program is designed to be a more cost effective solution to the annual maintenance contract and to significantly reduce expensive downtime. Established customers are given a courtesy call according to time frames worked out by our technician and your key operator.

With our preventative maintenance program, you enjoy the freedom of no contracts, no up-front money, no hourly minimums, no performance requirement and no more fear of costly breakdowns. You pay only for the service you need, when you need it.

As the goal of this plan is to keep your equipment functioning at peak performance, your machines will probably not be exhibiting any problems at the time of the service reminder call. During the service trip, your equipment will be fully cleaned and inspected. The technician will inform you of any problems he sees and advise you accordingly.

If we are unable to reach the authorized person during the service reminder call, we will leave a message or make a reasonable effort to follow up. However, we will not nag or hound you. Responding to the service reminder is entirely at your discretion and you have the option of moving the recommended service date out several days or several months according to your needs at the time.

Responding to the courtesy call qualifies you for a waiver of the standard trip fee, a savings of $40 to $50, depending on your location. Discounts are available if 4 or more units can be serviced on a single visit.

We can also tailor make plans to fit you and your business. Please call us at 303-680-4669 to discuss alternative maintenance program needs.

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