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Our Philosophy

Truth, accountability, responsibility…. understanding that when you take, you have to give back… and sometimes you have to give more than you take. These qualities can often seem lacking in the modern corporate world.

Somewhere along the line it is as if we lost our way. The “dog eat dog” world of business where it seems so many corporations have come to believe they can profit only at the expense of their clients and employees may have short term benefits… but in the end has reduced the quality of living for all of us.

As a family owned business, we have always believed that excellent service is the benchmark of a successful business. Now we are looking at the bigger picture. An individual or business can be successful only to the degree that their clients and the community in which it operates are prosperous as well. It’s all a part of the Rocky Mountain Printer Repair and Technology Services family.

We don’t lock our clients into expensive service contracts. Instead, we use the quality of our service to retain clients. We also understand the importance of retaining highly trained employees who not only know their jobs but know you, our customers, as well. When our employees are familiar with your needs, the service call can be completed with less interruption of your workday.

The need to protect our environment has been a growing concern. We are doing our part both by maintaining electronics equipment to prevent a premature trip to the landfill and by adding our new recycling service for when your printer, copier, computer or other electronic equipment has seen its day. This service is being expanded into the community with events in which a percentage of the profits will be donated to activities which benefit the community.

Look for our soon to be launched help center. This will feature a series of training videos and documentation where clients will easily be able to find the information they need to prevent costly equipment breakdowns or perform minor repairs themselves.

Experience the Rocky Mountain Printer Repair and Technology Services difference. 

Timely Maintenance Saves You Money
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